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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 3, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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conservationist. i am trying to have an area for my snakes. >> love it even more. >> might be frightened. >> a good time on "cnn saturday morning." >> yes. we're going to have an interesting day. >> you have a live event coming up, a lot of people standing by. >> it is still unclear what might be said and at what time in which it would be said. however, we saw live pictures earlier. we saw a whole lot of people outside herman cain's what is believed to be headquarters in atlanta. you can see a lot of folks lining up there. expectation is herman cain will be emerging at some point as t.j. is trying to leave the room, but we're having a conversation here, aren't we? >> i'm sorry. we're still talking. >> he may make an announcement. we know an announcement will be made. we're not clear what announcement is. we'll continue in for this race
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to the white house, whether i'm dropping out, suspending. >> no way. fredricka, there is no way have you a grand opening and grand closing on the same day. >> i think that's a great point you're making. >> you can't gather donors, supporters, people together and say thanks for being here, i'm done. curious to see what he will say. he will not say that. >> he's a tenacious individual. he might say i'm in it to win it. >> i'll be watching. >> we've got team coverage like you've had all morning long shannon travis, everyone is position right there to help us understand and sort out all that we're about to hear, what we will hear ultimately and then from that point on where do we go. have a great day, t.j. >> sorry i tried to sneak off earlier. >> you tried to sneak off and i called you out on it. we have that and much more straight ahead. let's begin in atlanta outside herman cain headquarters with the expected announcement that will take place today. shannon travis is there.
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shannon, there are an awful lot of people there who are clearly big supporters of herman cain who are hoping he's going to make the announcement that he is going to stay in this race. it's anyone's guess at this point. do we know when he will be arriving? >> well, it could be as early as 12:30 we're told that he actually speaks, fred. although earlier we were told 1:30. now they are saying it could be as early as 12:30 because he it on a schedule. in terms of the people you just referenced, i have to tell you it's a celebrate ory mood. there's food and burgers. they are selling herman cain paraphernalia, buttons and t-shirts. depending what he says will determine whether the celebrate ore -- celebratory mood continues or not or sadness. he will announce his deliberation about the reassessment period.
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will he drop out or forge ahead on his campaign. >> are any of his supporters or any of his campaign folks giving you any idea as to what happened when he left the campaign trail and returned to atlanta and went home to discuss with the family whether he should move forward? >> yeah. i mean, he had that meeting with his wife and we think probably maybe with his family as well for the first time meeting with his wife face-to-face since the latest allegation happened. you can probably hear over my shoulder some of the staffers inside the building keep coming out and giving little updates and pumping up the crowd. back to that meeting with his wife last night. that was obviously a private meeting, a little shared time between the two of them. he has said before that how she feels, her input into this matter would weigh heavily his decision about what he would do in the days ahead, fred. >> shannon travis in atlanta will we'll check back with you
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momentarily. also in washington cnn's candy corley and joe johns also joining us keeping a close watch on all that's unfolding in atlanta outside herman cain headquarters. candy, you first. the celebratory mood we're seeing and hearing outside cain headquarters certainly is sending a message that herman cain is digging in his heels potentially and he's staying in the race. what do you read from this? >> we don't have any reason to believe they have any better idea what herman cain is going to do than we do. this clearly is a crowd, at least as described by shannon, as some curiosity seekers and others who support him. if they still support him i'm sure the cheers are, hey, stay in the race, stay in the race. i'm not sure it's reflective of the decision. as far as we know he certainly hand told joe johns or i at this moment but we're working on it. >> let me bring you into this equation. what are his staffers to think and how are they to operate at
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this point? is everything at a stop until this announcement is made or does he still have supporters spanning across the country particularly in the primary states knocking on doors saying herman cain needs you? >> okay. we'll start with supporters. there are still people out there who believe herman cain is a victim. they think he's a victim of the media. they think he's victim of a plot by democrats or what have you. they don't believe this string of women accusers who say he did something wrong. so yes, there are people out there. the question, of course, there is what kind of money are those people who support him willing to give to herman cain to keep that campaign sort of limping around the country while these accusations continue. as far as staff goes, it's a really difficult situation because we've gotten so many contradictory signals from this campaign, even the legal team that sometimes fly in the face of what the candidate itself is
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saying. it's almost impossible to believe when you get on the telephone with anyone what's really going on. fredricka, i would say that's pretty much a toss-up as it stands right now. it is a difficult position. staffers in blimbo, big problem in the campaign. they have to decide whether to stay or go, tell the candidate to stay in the game or get out. a lot of people will tell you, a lot of people who are analysts will tell you the candidate and the campaign a lot of times just they don't really know when it's time to go even though a lot of people on the outside do. >> so candy, another indicator of full steam ahead for the cain campaign was the launch of this website yesterday, women for cain. what is the motivation there? >> first of all in the polling there has been a drop-off. he's never been -- every since the sexual harassment charges,
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herman cain's support among republican women has fallen off. that has continued. that's been the subject of much conversation in the media and elsewhere. so women for cain comes from -- reminded me a little bit of the w. is for women when george bush wanted to sort of showcase he had a lot of quote women issues on his mind in the campaign. following the sexual harassment charges and now this charge from a woman with a 13-year mutually consensual affair. >> candy crowley, thanks so much in washington. we'll check back as we continue to watch the crowd forming outside headquarters in atlanta. will he be emerging to make an announcement it is full steam ahead for his campaign? will it end in its tracks? or perhaps a suspension in that campaign? we'll talk with our best political team members as we also watch all that's unfolding
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there in atlanta. meantime still on the campaign trail, republican candidate mitt romney is rallying his supporters today in new hampshire at a campaign stop in manchester, reporters asked him about the uncertainty over herman cain's campaign and here is what he had to say. >> i don't know where herman cain's support will go. if he decides not to stay in the race, i wish him well. if he does stay in the race, those folks are going to take a good hard look at all of us. people haven't settled down in a final way to decide who they are going to support in the nomination process. i hope they give us a good, careful look, they have seen the work we're doing and the commitment of our people and recognize what america needs right now is a leader. i hope as they evaluate the various candidates they will find i'm the leader the world needs. >> romney comments on how many front-runners in the race. he said his campaign has been steady through the storm.
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donald trump could still be a player in the battle for the white house. he says there's a chance he could run for president if he's not satisfied with the candidate who wins the republican nomination. he says right now everyone will just have to wait and see. trump will get a chance to question the republican candidates soon. has he agreed to moderate a gop debate just days before the iowa caucuses. now onto the penn state child molestation scandal. jerry sandusky is speaking out again and giving his side of the story. he says he's innocent and never had sexual contact with young boys. the former penn state assistant football coach sat down for an interview with the "new york times." asked why he did things like showering with kids, sleeping with them alone in hotel rooms, blowing on their stomachs, he said he saw them as his own children. sandusky insisted he never sexually abused any child but he confirmed details of some of the events prosecutors cited in
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charging him with the 40 counts of molesting young boys. and the last of our brave men and women who fought in the war in iraq are now coming home. we'll have today's emotional reunions from ft. hood texas and country singer mindy mccready faces the music in her custody battle. she and her son were missing for three days. where investigators found them after this. nyquil:what? tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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oh, what a happy moment for so many families there at ft. hood, texas, today. the last of our brave men and women who served in iraq coming home. this was the scene in indiana
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earlier this week as 100 soldiers returned. this homecoming happened yesterday for 60 national guard troops in san mateo, california, correspondent chris lawrence is at the reunion at ft. hood. >> i know you've seen a lot of these homecomings and it just never gets old. the thing that makes this so special is a lot of these troops in the case of iraq, there is no next time. it's really hard to describe the emotion going on before the troops arrived. kids were running around, jumping up and down. they had so much excitement, anticipation of the families. it's been a long 10 months. then all of a sudden, this smoke starts coming out and the gate rises up and the soldiers come out like rock stars literally.
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the crowd is screaming. everyone tried to make the speeches very, very short because the highlight was seeing these troops rush into the arms of their loved ones hugging, kissing, trying to catch up over what's been missed over the last 10 months. >> a lot has gone on. our first one in preschool, our first one in high school. it's big. you know, we put one in college this year. it has been a very long 10 months but it's over. >> there's a sense of peace knowing there's one less opportunity for us to be separate freddie our families. we know we still have our operations going on in afghanistan, other contingency operations as they come up. to know what has consumed so much of our careers recently as a profession, to know that that's not there looming over us is certainly peace of mind. >> reporter: so the troops have to report for reintegration training. basically learning how to acclimate back home, to their
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families, like that. then they get about 30 days leave to kick back, spend time with the family, and maybe let it sink in that they were some of the last troops to walk out of iraq, and that for the united states the war there is over. fredricka. >> thanks so much, chris. before you deck the malls this weekend for more holiday shopping, just wait. you'll want to see our tips for avoiding that traditional credit card debt.
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conrad murray is heading back to court. we'll tell you why straight ahead. but first black friday and cyber monday brought shoppers out and online in record numbers this year, but there's still
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several weeks of holiday spending straight ahead of us in today's smart is the new rich, tips to help you avoid falling into that traditional holiday debt. here is christine romans. >> the debt danger signs are flashing everywhere, in europe, in washington, and in our own bank accounts where incomes are falling and americans are dipping into savings to pay the bills. yet everywhere you're being encouraged to spend money, lots of money for the holidays. the national retail federation says you'll spend $704. where is all that money coming from and have we learned nothing? >> you see these numbers about how much money people are spending for the holidays and it reminds you back when people suddenly had expensive cars, boats, fancy vacations. you woernnder, how are they affording this. the fundamental situation is real income after inflation has been flat for the last year or maybe down a tiny little bit. >> that means you have to be
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very careful about putting new debt on your credit cards. people say they want to be good spenders. 42% plan to spend less this year than last according to a new bank poll. the road to debt is paved with good holiday intentions. >> there's a lot of data to show there's a disconnect between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do. when they say i intend to pay off credit card balances they don't pay them off. that's why we have 15 million people in 2011 who haven't paid off their holiday shopping bills from 2010. >> don't be that person. a few smart things to consider before you spend a dime. if you can't afford it, put it down. really think about your purchase and whether you need it. how do you know whether you need it? make a budget. sounds so simple. make a budget and make a list. think about what you want to buy and why and stick to it. you are smarter than the retail tricks. stay to the list.
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use technology, comparison shop online, use coupon codes and never buy into the hype these are the lowest prices you'll see all season. there are always lore prices and more sales ahead. take a time-out. if you see something not on your list you want to buy, take a break and 48 hours the urge may be gone with time. a little advice from toy expert jim silver. shop in person on fridays from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the toy store. that's when toy stores restock for the weekend. that's when you have the best chance of find thanksgiving hot toy that no one else can. for this week's smart is the new rich, i'm christine romans in new york. talk about straight ahead, a list of personal problems that reads like a country song but it's real life for nashville's mindy mccready. police found her hiding in a closet today. our legal guys weigh in next. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. [ male announcer ] shopping for medicare coverage? the annual enrollment period ends december 7th. now is the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today. right outside atlanta, herman cain headquarters there. live pictures right now a number of his staffers have gone to the stage there. the expectation, herman cain, the republican candidate for president himself will be emerging at some point and will have an announcement to make. still unclear what that announcement is, whether he's continuing his bid for the white house, spending it, highly anticipated moment there at the cain headquarters in atlanta. a very large crowd.
12:22 pm
you can't see them in this shot. if it were a wide shot, looks like quite a few dozen people have turned out there. they are looking excited. you heard one of the reporters describe it's a celebratory mood there. so we'll continue to keep a close watch on it. meantime, let's talk legal matters now. in the michael jackson death case a decision by dr. conrad murray to appeal his conviction. he filed the notice to appeal yesterday in los angeles superior court. murray was convicted last month of involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death, convicted to four years in the los angeles county jail. murray's lawyer said his client disagrees with the findings and the court's pretrial rulings. authorities found country singer mindy mccready hiding in arkansas earlier today with her 5-year-old son zander. the boy's grandparents have legal custody of zander and he will be returned to their home
12:23 pm
in florida. mccready took the child from her partners home earlier this week. it's not clear whether she will face any charges. avery friedman, civil rights attorney and law professor in cleveland. good to see you. rich herman, law professor from las vegas joining us as well. still not clear there's any charges. one would expect among those charges, if it were to happen, would be kidnapping, because mccready's parents had full custody of this child, zander. >> yeah, i think so. the judge's order that was entered this week, fredricka, simply required the return of zander, the 5-year-old. but the question the prosecutors now will face was the behavior was so blatant, i think she'll need 10,000 angels. she'll need help. she should face kidnapping charges. all she had to do was petition
12:24 pm
the court on the custody issue, what does she do? she takes off and says i can't come back because i'm seven months pregnant. she just took off with her child and she's seven months problem. she's got a big problem and looking at felony charges coming up. >> richard, she's alleging her parents were abusive to her son and that's why she took the child. how far does she have to go to try to now prove that? >> she may have an opportunity to do that, avery says cavalierly, she should petition the court. that could take a year or more. she claims the kid is abused by the parents so she took the child. i don't think there will be felony charges. the judge directed her to return the child by a certain date. the child was returned by that date. she had physical situation. she has issues, no question about it. to bring felony charges, i don't
12:25 pm
think that's right. the kid is happy, healthy, nothing happened with the child wrong. let's get on with the process, the kid will be returned to florida under florida jurisdiction and we go from there? >> avery, what portion do you disagree with? you're shaking your head. >> most of it. i don't know why mindy mccready, a country star, gets a free pass. richard will agree, every day people who do things like this wind up in the hosgow. she needs help from alcohol dep dependency, others, i don't think she gets a free ride. how she gets a free pass is beyond me. >> we'll see. >> lawrence taylor, he's being sued now after already last year
12:26 pm
he was sentenced. he was found guilty for having sex with a teenager and now he's being sued by this young lady for assault and battery. >> we know he was charged with multiple fell nice. they were ultimatery reduced to misdemeanors and probation because he became a rat in other cases. this victim has aligned herself with chalk on the blackboard gloria allred. >> i knew you'd hear that part. >> when you hear her name is it like -- you know there's a tv deal, a book deal, some kind of self-promotion here. enough is enough with miss allred. she brought a case. it's never been proved before. how are they going to prove he induced her into a sex trade is
12:27 pm
beyond me. it's under a federal statute, the first time it's brought against the purchaser of the sex. >> that's right. >> i think it's going out the window. ridiculous. >> that's why this is so unusual, avery. >> right. i represent victims in sex slavery. the law that's involved here, fredricka, is a very important one. it involves going after the traffickers. if you look at the congressional history, that's the focus. there's clearly nothing in the law that deals with consumer likes l.t. i think a federal district judge will likely dismiss it. it's troubling because her name was confidential. by filing it, instead of filing jane doe she identified her name, that's exactly right. i think it will be dismissed. again, chalk on the blackboard might be exactly right. >> you, too. >> absolutely. >> what happens when i men's the name former illinois governor rod blagojevich.
12:28 pm
>> chalk on the blackboard. >> okay. now we'll talk about him in terms of sentencing. that's what he is facing next week. he was found guilty of bribery and corruption last june. richard, am i hearing a little empathy and sympathy because you used to be hard on the man. >> you know, i was very hard on him. at this point in time, looking for 51 months in prison. the prosecution is looking for a five and one just reversed. they want 15 years to 20 years. blagojevich doesn't know, he doesn't even realize how serious this is. he could easily get 15 years here, fred, easily. he doesn't deserve it in this case. he did not get one dime to him. he did not profit monetarily by one dime. they couldn't prove one dime went to him. >> wow. >> i have not heard this compassion, richard, from you before, for blagojevich. this is shocking me.
12:29 pm
>> five years, a lot of time. the prior governor got six years. don't give this guy more. it's just ridiculous. prosecutors have lost sight here that they want 15. >> real quick, avery, 10 seconds. >> way off. way off. 15 to 20 years, he deserves it. i appreciate your compassion, fredricka. >> not mine, richard, i'm down the middle. >> he tried. all right. i understand. but seemed like your heart was exposed on that. i actually think he's a bad guy. just because he didn't get any money doesn't mean he doesn't have to go. 15 to 20 is appropriate right here. right here. >> interesting. >> on the blackboard, fredricka. >> all right. you guys are full of emotion today. i like. emote, emote e we'll see you in a moment because we're not done. we'll see you in 20 minutes or so. we'll talk about a houston man suing a fertility clinic. this case is really interesting. i can't wait to see how our guys respond to this one. so will he or won't he? now we're talking politics
12:30 pm
outside herman cain's headquarters in atlanta. look at the crowd there. will he continue in the race or not? is it over? we'll find out. i have hemorrhoids and yes, i have constipation. that's why i take colace. [ male announcer ] for occasional constipation associated with certain medical conditions there's colace capsules. colace softens the stool and helps eliminate the need to strain. stimulant-free, comfortable relief. no wonder colace is the #1 stool softener brand recommended by doctors. say "yes" to colace! [ male announcer ] go to for savings.
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quite the buzz of activity outside the headquarters, atlanta headquarters for herman cain. dozens of people have showed up there because he's expected to make an announcement momentarily. our shannon travis is there. shannon, you have some news for us about this candidate and who
12:33 pm
he has been communicating with. >> absolutely, fred. a few developments i learned about. number one i just got off the phone with alice stewart. she's the campaign spokesman for michele bachmann. she tells me two things. michele bachmann and herman cain spoke on the phone. she didn't say exactly when this occurred but it was definitely clear this was recent. number two, she tells me a number of herman cain supporters have reached out to bachmann's campaign to say that they would be willing to support her. now, obviously we don't want to read too much into this. we do not know exactly what the decision will be that herman cain will announce when he comes out, whether he'll stay in the race, whether he'll get out of the race. if we're reading the tea leaves as we have been doing all day about where he might go with this, this is certainly a significant development in that they share a lot of the same supporters, tea party supporters, social conservatives. so it's curious that a number of
12:34 pm
his supporters, excuse me, would reach out to the bachmann campaign according to alice stewart. so if we're reading the tea leaves as we have been all day, that's another sign in one direction that herman cain might be pulling out. again, we do not know that for sure. fred. >> all right. we'll have to wait for his official announcement, which should be momentarily. we're not sure when in the next hour or two it might happen. we just know it will happen this afternoon. shannon, thanks so much. we appreciate that. from stormy politics to stormy weather out west. strong winds hitting southern california, the strongest in years, which left widespread damage across the region. take a look at the damage here. in los angeles, santa ana winds are being blamed. in places they have seen winds as strong as hurricane strength. >> we're so busy. my crew is on a couple other jobs now. we get another call on a giant
12:35 pm
fir tree on the house. the lady was really lucky. she was laying a foot and a half away from where it hit. >> wow, lots of stories of a brush of luck. are these winds over or the season of santa ana winds, they come and go, come and go. >> definitely the season now. atmosphere set up for winds to be quite prevalent of it's going to last again today. it's no time for people in california to let their guard down. when it comes to wind and wind damage. think about a tropical storm or hurricane this hits the gulf coast. you have a lot of tall palm trees. those trees are designed to withstand a great deal of wind. a lot of times they lose the fronds but trunks stay in shake. in california you have those beautiful oaks. they don't handle the winds quite as well when you have the winds through the mountain passes, some 40 to 60. make gusts stronger. you often have a lot of limb damage. the winds break and snap. they hit make of the power lines. the power lines toppling causes
12:36 pm
widespread power outages. cleanup in store for many people in southern california today, tomorrow and possibly the rest of the week, although we do expect the wind to drop. downed trees and power lines could be a problem. not only that when you have low humidity strong winds roar through the san gabriel mountains, there's the potential if there was, say, a fire to spread rather quickly. certainly a tremendous concern. a bit farther to the east, the situation is very different. yes, we have the wind in parts of the rockies and southern rockies but the other issue is the moisture. in the highest elevations, we have snow. some locations up to a foot of snow falling in some spots, especially parts of 420, 925, could have whiteout conditions. anyone traveling in that neck of the woods, please be careful. temperatures, with snow you have cold air, a big surge through the rockies, northwest and into portions of the great basin. back east more mild conditions, 49 the expected high in washington, d.c., 62 atlanta, 44 boston, 50 in chicago, scattered
12:37 pm
showers, maybe frozen precipitation, the very least minneapolis/st. paul. you'll see snow today. 2 2i7b denver, kansas city 48. for the central plains you can also expect a chance of snow across kansas, even into oklahoma, possibly heavier snow, fredricka when under the circumstances into the start of the workweek for oklahoma city. we'll watch that carefully. >> volatile stuff. thanks so much, reynolds. we appreciate that. another legal case ahead which just might raise an eyebrow or two. a mother loses custody of her 200 pound 8-year-old son. did child welfare workers overreact. our legal guys will talk all about that. [ female announcer ] lactaid milk is easy to digest. it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance...
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lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk.
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a cleveland area mother has lost custody of her 8-year-old son because authorities say she wasn't doing enough to control his weight. our legal guys are back, avery friedman in cleveland, richard herman in las vegas. this is a very touchy topic and disturbing one for this family in particular. avery, the cleveland's children and family services takes away the child saying he's 200 pounds, 8 years old. he should weigh on average 60,
12:41 pm
65 pounds. this is putting his life, his health in jeopardy and they had to intervene. how common is this for child protective services to do this? >> like never. i mean, i don't know that i've ever seen a case. i've beenen court with these child care workers or whatever they call themselves. your visceral reaction is having the government break down the door and pull out a heavy kid, take him away from his parents and throw them into foster care is outrage. more than 2 million kids extremely obese, fredricka. it's an epidemic. when you think more deeply, there are circumstances where the standard is either abuse or neglect. did the mother medically neglect this child to require this removing the child to put the child into foster care in order to save his life. we'll find out the answer to that this month when there's a hearing actually right down the street here on whether or not
12:42 pm
the child goes back. >> so richard, the premise, according to child protective services this is neglect. in their view, "the child's weight gain was so severe we had to take custody." >> who are these people, these inept morons with snow skills, no education, to unilaterally decide to remove this child from her birth mother and throw him into the foster care system which has got its own set of problems. is this in the best interest of the child, fred, avery? this is ridiculous. this young man he's got a sleeping problem, the machine for sleep apnea. he's an honor student at school. he participates in activities. this is not neglect. this is a health issue. he needs to deal with it with his doctors. the mother will support that. this is an outrageous decision and these people should be all terminated for abuse of process. >> the mother acknowledges they did try -- the child was put on
12:43 pm
a diet. he lost 10 pounds. but then apparently started gaining the weight. the mother saying, quote, "of course i want hip to lose weight. it's a lifestyle change, and they are trying to make it seem like i'm not embracing that. it's very hard and i am trying." so one that ha to wonder how long will they keep the child in custody or foster care. what kind of measures of improvement weight loss will take place before he can be returned to his home. >> we'll know this month. we'll know this month, fredricka. the hearing is this month. so we'll see. let's move to another case in houston. this one is a really tough one to talk about, so be careful, gentlemen. now we have a case where a man -- >> tell him. >> this gentleman says, wait a minute, he unwillingly impregnated his ex-girlfriend. he says his sperm was taken without his consent, taken to a fertility clinic. next thing you know, his
12:44 pm
girlfriend is pregnant, has a child. he now says all of this was done without his consent. richard, where do we begin on this one? no signature does a fertility need to see this person? are there exams that take place? they accept someone's sperm. >> this is easy. he was listed as the patient on the records there. she obviously went in there, forged his name, put the paperwork in. >> very simple. very simple. >> what? what's simple about this, avery. >> i think what's simple is she took a load of it over there out of a condom. she said it was okay, they were married. i think he's going to be paying child support for the next 18 years. the guy couldn't figure out, he said the kids look just like me. he couldn't figure it out. finally this whole thing comes out by accident.
12:45 pm
he's going let's go after the clinic. i think he's right. i think that's right. >> it would seem the clinic -- it would seem like there has to be some consent. that he would have to comply -- he would have to show up at some point in person. >> she forged his signature. she forged his signature on all the papers. >> you can get sperm and go to a fertility clinic and say i want to use this? it's that easy? >> apparently here it is. >> you know what, you can't make this stuff up, fredricka. >> it's a bizarre case. >> truth is stranger than fiction. >> we all are in agreement on that one. >> absolutely. >> avery, richard, thank you so much. y'all have a great weekend. see you soon. >> you bet. america has been on this flash mob bandwagon for quite a while now. mumbai, india, has experienced
12:46 pm
its first flash mob and it all went viral right after this. nyquil (stuffy): hey, tylenol. you know we're kinda like twins.
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reynolds with me now.
12:49 pm
it's been three years since the terrorist attacks in mumbai, 200 people killed. >> yes. >> pretty tragic. instead, folks in mumbai, india, decided we are going to mark this occasion in a happy, fun, orchestrated way with a flash mob. >> okay. >> very different. this is a first for that country as well. there you go. you've seen those with the choreographed dancing. it's kind of like a spin-off that. >> it's a cool thing. >> it is. >> it's for one person but to get 200, step for step, that's not an easy task. >> not at all. they are having a good time, fairly coordinated. taking place at a train station. a rehearsal to make this happen? 1 million views on youtube. this is how exciting this has been for people. it's gone viral. >> got to love it. >> i know. you'll be grooving just like
12:50 pm
that in front of the television set with football today. >> who says i haven't already? . >> i could see you just like that. reynolds, thank you so much. also a close watch in atlanta, live pictures right here outside herman cain headquarters. when he hits the microphone to say his campaign is full steam ahead or is it going to stop in its track. we'll be watching and listening after this. alarm ] show me the carfax. show me the carfax. but it's a really good deal. [ car alarm ] show us the carfax. yeah. before you buy a used car, get a carfax vehicle history report. see accidents and service reported to carfax and a price based on the car's history. ask your dealer or go to just say, show me the carfax.
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each week we profile someone that did something remarkable with an obstacle. dr. gupta introduces us to don wright who refuses to let cancer get in his way of his passion for running marathons. >> reporter: don wright's career spanned engineering, company vice president, and the law. at age 62, he discovered a new passion, marathons. eight years ago, just days after running his first 26-mile race, though, he got some devastating news. >> i had gone to the doctor a couple of times for pain in my back. it was multiple myeloma. >> this is a cancer of the blood
12:54 pm
where the white blood cells invade the bone marrow causing pain usually in the back or ribs. patients are rarely cured. wright refused to let that slow him down, even qualifying for the boston marathon. >> i got this devastating diagnosis and we just -- my family and i, we just kept on going. you know, there wasn't any reason to stop and be sorry, you know. we kept running marathons. >> incredibly now in the last eight years, wright, who is now 70, has run 60 marathons in 41 states. his wife and daughter have been by his side for most of them. his goal is to run a marathon in every state. >> finally after boston we started to pick-off states, never imagining -- well, imagining, yes, but never expecting to be able to finish all 50. now i'm really hoping for it. >> never expected that he could fulfill his dream, because the
12:55 pm
median survival for his cancer is five years. he's had a number of treatments that failed. for the last three years, wright has taken an experimental drug. it's just one pill at night, and it's kept the cancer at bay. >> it doesn't cure the cancer, but it keeps it stable, so it's not hurting me. i can still run. i can still enjoy life. i'm riding that for all it's worth. >> reporter: he has advice to others facing what might seem like insurmountable odds. take charge of your own destiny and never give up hope. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >> a scary find in the waters off a german city. a huge two-ton bomb dating back to world war ii. now the race is on to make sure it doesn't explode. progresso. it fits! fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay???
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12:58 pm
checking other major news from around the world, tough words and a push for middle east peace talks from secretary leon panetta. >> the problem right now is we
12:59 pm
can't get them to the damn table to at least sit down and begin to discuss their differences. we all know what the pieces are here to a potential agreement. they have been talked about. they have been worked through. we understand the concerns. we understand the concerns of israel. we understand the concerns of the palestinians. if they sit at a table and work through those concerns and the united states can be of assistance in that process -- >> panetta said the push for peace is also on hold because israel is becoming more isolated in the region. 45,000 people in western germany are on alert after a two-ton bomb was discovered in the rhine river. half of them are being told to evacuate. the world war ii explosive will be diffuse tomorrow. i'll be back tomorrow in the 2:00 eastern hour. we'll show you how you can shop and give to a charity at the same time. right now we're also getting ready to go to candy


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